Great Performance. Great Value. Best for our Planet.

You will always have concrete and wood in your life, why not have those surfaces look good longer?

Why not have the coatings on them bond better and last longer?

Why not have them easier and less costly to clean?

Why not have them stand up to the forces of deterioration longer.

Why not have your investment perform as it should, longer? 

Why not treat your concrete and wood surfaces with a permanent treatment?

Why not use products that won't harm our environment?

Why not treat your concrete and wood surfaces with a DynaCrete.NET products?



When choosing a maintenance solution, a homeowner wants the solution and the products chosen to accomplish the task, perferably permanently .

Treating your concrete or wood surfaces with the appropriate DynaCrete.NET product will ensure those surfaces or any coatings or coverings on them, will look better and last longer.

You'll thank us later.

Concrete bridge decks with an engineered 30 year life span are full of potholes and cracks, long before 30 years, requiring constant repair and sustantial added expense. That's why our products were specified by the BC MOTH as the "only" products to be used to treat over 3 milliion sq. ft. of bridge decks. After almost 20 years those bridge decks still look liike new!


When leading engineers want to ensure or increase the designed life span of their concrete surfaces, 

proven products and expertise  are called for; DynaCrete.NET is called for.  

Governmental Infrastructure

OIL Refineries  

longer life for Concrete surfaces  means less costs and money saved!

Back in 2001 our original, DPS (Deep Penetrating Sealer) was specified (to extend the life) on all the flatwork (slabs) at UE-1 (the Alberta tar sands) by SNC Lavalin, Fluor,  and Colt.  

DynaCrete.NET can increase the life of concrete surfaces, solving the problems of yesterday with the solutions of today.

Bridge deck  waterproofing and hardening in British Columbia

Having the right products on the deck makes a difference

Initially our original, DPS product was tested, then used, in the late 1980's on several of the new bridge decks on the new Coquihala freeway in British Columbia. Then, after a year of field testing on 3 out of 4 lanes on 25 old bridge decks on Vancouver Island, the same product was specified by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways (by product name and supplier) as "the only product" to be used to treat all the new bridge decks on the Island Freeway Project. No "Or similar" products were allowed! This is unheard of for engineers to do this, much less a provincial ministry of transportation and highways. 


Over the next decade over 3,000,000 square feet of new bridge decks were treated. Many of these decks were treated as far back as 1997 and are still in excellent condition, and look as good as the day they were treated, after almost 20 years!

Many of these decks in high rainfall areas have since been treated with

our PTS+ product to make rainfall run off the crowned bridge decks more quickly.


Farmers like all of us, face constantly rising costs.

Concrete( surfaces) properly treated with  AgriCrete PIM++ can provide many cost savings;

Once treated, the concrete surface up to 1/2" deep is now PERMANENTLY waterproof, 98% vapour proof, resistant to weak acids, and at least twice as hard. No moisture in the concrete means no bacteria in the concrete either. The life of the concrete surface is increased, it's much healthier for animals, and quicker and easier to clean, thus less costly.   



- consulting

- petro-chemical & mining

- warehousing, floors, docks,
    ramps, CFIA approved

-  Agricultural - floors and feed 
    storage for Dairy,  pigs,  chickens      
    &  all  farm and livestock facilities  

Residential - sidewalks, garages,
   pavers, basements

   buildings, parking structures  
infrastructure, bridges and  
   decks, freeways, sports venues

- helping you make anything made 
   from or with  cement last longer


No matter what concrete deterioration problem you have, we've probably already been part of the solution for someone, somewhere at some time.


When you've been in business as long as we have and faced technology's increasingly rapid developments, you learn a few things, or, if you pay attention, more than a few. As a result, we have developed simple to apply, totally safe, zero VOC's, products and solutions for stopping liquids or moisture from getting into or passing through concrete and extending the life of concrete surfaces. However, sometimes, you may bring us something new. It's these challenges that allow us to grow. We would love to work with you to solve your concrete surfaces problems or find those new solutions.

We have consulted for major industry and governments on concrete problems and the appropriate remedial or preventative treatment required in each case, around the globe. Usually, DynaCrete.NET can provide the appropriate solution and materials. However, sometimes, DynaCrete.NET products are not what is needed. If that's the case, we tell you. Straight.


In the petro-chemical industry concrete surfaces have a very short life span,

due to acids, chemicals, water penetration and wear from abrasion.


DynaCrete.NET concrete preservation technology greatly extends the life of these concrete surfaces, saving the industry considerable expense. 

permanently protect  your  Concrete  surfaces                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                           with tested, proven, economical, 100% environmentally safe, GREEN products

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DynaCrete was founded in 1999. Since then a lot has changed: technology, governments, 9-11, 2008, the world economies, the foods we eat, our environmental awareness, the materials we use in our daily lives, our families, often where we work, almost everything.

However, some things remain unchanged: it always feels good to help those in need, yet another; a good and long term relationship is always priceless. 

We keep an old fashioned attitude about this and these are our goals, along with; Listen more than you talk. Always help a neighbor. Share what you know and what your have.

We want to share with you the expertise we've derived helping those like yourself, all over the world. 

Let us help you  extend the life of your concrete and wood surfaces and extend the life of the coatings or coverings on them. Together we can start that priceless, long term relationship.