15 mins after 1st water application on the surface.

The water has soaked into the untreated concrete, but can not penetrate the PIM+ Type S treated sample and spreads out. The water beads up on the PTS+ treated concrete, not even wetting the surface.

           Untreated.                         PIM+ Type S treated           PIM+ Type S and PTS+ 

The application of PIM+ Type S and/or PTS+ does not change to the static coefficient of friction. I.e. these surfaces are no more slippery when either wet or dry.

30 mins after 2nd water application on the surface.

The water unable to penetrate the PIM+ Type S sample has evaporated, but completely soaked through the untreated sample. The bead of water still sits on the PTS+ treated sample, and still does not even wet the surface.

Liquids beading up on wood treated with PTS+ over DynaWood.

Close ups of the deck after pressure washing

The pressure washer blew all the grey, dead wood cells off. It looks good now too.

When dry, soaking the 2 X 6's and the 2 X 2 spindles with DynaWood  will ensure both will weather better and stand up to pressure washing better, and look like red cedar for years to come.

The DynaWood treated 2 X 4's looked great.....now it was time to pressure wash the 2 X 6 railing. 

The 2 X 4's were pressure washed first......


The benefits of treating a red cedar deck with dynacrete.NET DynaWood 

The treated 2 X 4 deck was hardly greying, (mostly dirt and stains from leaves), had no cracking, zero burring, no small slivers, and was weathering much better. 

Water Droplets on a concrete surface treated with DynaCrete PTS+ or AGRICRETETS++ 

                     permanently protect your concrete surfaces

                                                                                                                                                         with tested, proven, economical, 100% environmentally safe, GREEN products

This larger, top section of this original, old driveway was almost flat. Water would seep into the concrete and when it evaporated pull the alkali salts to the surface. The alkali salts were no longer inside the concrete holding the "fines" together, so, the "fines" would wash away.  The weakened, concrete  surface allowed further water absorption as well as deterioration from tire abrasion, de-icing salt, and pressure washing. 

I.E. Water seeping into concrete is BAD                      


When this slab eventually cracked, what little water ran down the top section of the slab ran into this crack. The lower part of the driveway was at a greater slope, so water had less time to seep into the concrete, and ran off this section more quickly.

I.E. Less water seeping into concrete is BETTER

After two winters and almost two years, the untreated 2 X 6 rails were grey, cracking, burring with small slivers, and weathering poorly.

The deck, dry before cleaning. This deck was built 2 years ago. At that time only the 2 X 4 deck was treated with DynaCrete.NETDynaWood

No UVA/UVB clearcoat was applied over any part of the deck.

Test Data

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A sidewalk was added when the house was remodeled.

For over 10 years, like all driveways, It has been rained on, salted, and pressure washed, but these homeowners decided to treat it with DynaCrete.NET 

     PIM+ Type S 

 I.E. No water seeping into    your concrete is BEST.


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